Posted on April 08, 2016

IMG_6881 (1)Left to right: Josh Zinner (ICCR), Anna Falkenberg (SRIC), Fr. Séamus Finn (ICCR), Vince Siciliano (New Resource Bank), Laurie Spengler (Enclude), Darrin Williams (Southern Bancorp), and Jan Piercy (Enclude)

Members of The Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility (ICCR), Socially Responsible Investment Coalition (SRIC), academics, bankers, and wealth advisors gathered with Global Alliance for Banking on Values member bank CEOs from New Resource Bank and Southern Bancorp on Wednesday, April 6th in San Antonio, Texas to discuss the big question: Why don’t all banks drive sustainable prosperity? 

It was an eventful day, in which over 100 stakeholders from diverse backgrounds – including members of religious orders, bankers, wealth advisors, and academics – gathered to explore how banks drive of sustainable prosperity in both local and global communities. The discussions centered on a dinnertime panel in which moderator Fr. Séamus Finn, ICCR Chair, drew out the reasons why Laurie Spengler (Enclude), Vince Siciliano (New Resource Bank), and Darrin Williams (Southern Bancorp) are each motivated to be involved in values-based banking.

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