Posted on February 19, 2015

Posted by: Nimrah Karim, Consultant, Sustainable Business Practices

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Womenx is proud to provide business education and support services for these inspiring women and their small and medium sized ventures.


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Through Womenx, Enclude, the World Bank, Minding Her Business, and the Institute for Business Administration have worked with the entrepreneurs to make the next steps toward their goals.  Afshan Lakdawala, a participant in the first cohort and CEO of Precision Trading, says of the Womenx training:

“[I] would recommend it a 100%!!! For the longest time, I thought I was operating in isolation. My business problems were only mine, and no one could help me out.Having been a part of the program now for around 6-7 sessions, I have learnt that all entrepreneurs have similar problems, and each has a unique way of handling it. There is a whole lot to be learnt, it’s a great environment to network in, and not only do we learn from the educational content, but also from each other…being a part of this has helped boost my confidence level and create ideas for my business which did not come to the forefront before. I am sure, just like me, there are lots of women business owners who will have a lot to benefit from, through this program.”



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