Posted on February 06, 2017

Enclude has recently issued a report on strategies for bridging the gap between institutional capital and projects or businesses that adhere to the “landscape approach,”  a school of thought that seeks to balance competing social, environmental, political and economic demands for space and other resources. Landscape investment aims for smart integration of agricultural production, nature conservation, and livelihood enhancement.

Commissioned by the Platform Biodiversity, Ecosystems and Economy (“Platform BEE”), a public-private partnership in the Netherlands, “The Missing Link: Connecting International Capital Markets with Sustainable Landscape Investments” analyses the universe of investment opportunities in landscape finance, including deep dives into four funds that exemplify how capital can be deployed (Africa Agriculture Trade and Investment Fund, Althelia Climate Fund, Ecosystem Investment Partners II, and New Forests’ Tropical Asia Forest Fund). Enclude also partnered with Wageningen Centre for Development Innovation on this initiative.

The report also provides key takeaways for entrepreneurs, fund initiators, governments, and investors on how blended finance can be used to mobilize private capital for impact investments.

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