Posted on January 06, 2014

Enclude just completed a women-focused pilot program in Uganda that resulted in increased monthly incomes from USD $38 to USD $48. The pilot was part of the World Bank’s “Consolidation of Peace through Empowering Socio-economic Associations” program to support thousands of people whose lives were devastated by the Lord’s Resistance Army conflict. Enclude, doing business as Triodos Facet, worked with 100 economic associations (representing about 2,600 direct beneficiaries most of whom were women) in the Gulu, Kitgum and Pader provinces in Northern Uganda.

According to the Transitional Demobilization and Reintegration Program’s report:

At the end of the project’s 11-month implementation period, pilot project beneficiaries have increased access to livelihood opportunities with greater access to external finance and credit, more productive and diversified activities as well as enhanced income. Further, strengthening socio-economic activities of associations has contributed to greater social cohesion in targeted communities as well as reduced stigma in the community towards the displaced and traumatized, especially in Northern Uganda.

In Uganda, the project successfully helped all groups to formally register at the sub-county level. Beneficiaries were able to look to their community members for support, possess stronger socio-economic networks, and report inclusive efforts to support vulnerable members of the community (raising funds, digging their land, contributing assets etc.) compared to those not participating in the project. Their average monthly income increased to USD $48 from the baseline of USD $38. The average amount saved by beneficiaries increased from USD $20 a month to USD $53.

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