Posted on June 21, 2017

Posted by: Enclude

As you may have seen, the preparations for SOCAP ’17 are underway. We’ve proposed some topics for discussion based on what we’re thinking about and working on these days. Below is a brief overview of the topics we have proposed – if any (or all!) of these sound interesting, please follow the link(s) and vote for them to be part of the SOCAP programme this October 10-17 in San Francisco. Each person is able to vote for as many sessions as they would like. 

1) Is Impact Impact Investing Ready for a Secondary Market?

A more active secondary market for impact assets would greatly facilitate more capital flowing to developing markets for social, environmental and development impact. With the support of the MacArthur Foundation, Enclude has developed a detailed concept design ‘The Liquidity Vehicle’ that has the potential to kick-start a secondary market. This session will look at the current state of the impact investment market and investor needs, some of the barriers that investors currently face to deploy more capital, and possible ways to address those barriers, to ultimately catalyse more actors and capital for development purposes, and achieve the global development goals.

2) SME Financing: Why Are We Making So Little Progress?

While there has been a strong dedication of resources in the past decades for micro-enterprises in emerging markets, we do not seem to have moved the needle enough on driving growth in SMEs – an important provider of employment in emerging markets. The reason, we suggest, is that we have been too focused on finding the next Steve Jobs in Ethiopia. This session will discuss the barriers faced when financing SMEs in emerging markets, and promising approaches that can potentially start to solve the massive financing gap for the ‘missing middle.’

3) Banks and Impact Investors: Allies or Adversaries? 

Are banks and social impact paradoxical? Can investing in banks ever be impact investing? What impact do your deposits have whilst you are asleep? This session will provide a deep-dive in sustainable banking, exploring both the investment and impact case.

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