Posted on November 12, 2013

The SEEP Network released this study of the microfinance sector which is a partnership between Citi Microfinance, the Council of Microfinance Equity Funds (CMEF), and the SEEP Network, with support from Enclude. Enclude’s Lauren Moser Counts, Caterina Meloni and Aurica Balmus provided “much appreciated critical feedback and insight.”  Download publication: Keeping_an_Edge_SEEP_Oct_2013

Report summary: The microfinance sector is at a transformative point in its evolution, prompting SEEP to reflect about the future role of microfinance institutions and the degree to which they can respond to the emerging opportunities and challenges. The information contained in this report represents the collective insights of 39 microfinance association leaders from 33 countries across Africa, Latin America, Eastern Europe, and Asia. The study is aimed at prompting meaningful deliberation about the role of MFIs in this changing landscape.    Keeping_an_Edge_Oct_2013_SEEP

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