Microfinance organisations wanting to transform to regulated status, or seeking to improve their financial performance and operations.

Commercial banks looking to develop the capacity to serve micro or small business customers or lower-income people (downsizing).

Central banks and other public entities charged with formulating national microfinance and financial inclusion strategies.

Microfinance investment funds and impact investors looking for investment opportunities or wanting an expert opinion on investees.


Microfinance organisations successfully restructured into a regulated financial institution meeting their mission and financial goals.

Increased customer base and earnings resulting from new strategies, products, processes and delivery channels designed to successfully serve low-income people and MSMEs.

Needed capital is raised from investors with similar goals and return expectations.

Microfinance strategies, policies and regulations are practical applications of global best practices in the context of local market realities.


Recommendations and implementation based upon tailoring best practices to the client institution through hands-on assistance in:

  • Market assessments
  • Institutional assessments of MFIs
  • Strategic planning and business model development including branchless banking/alternative delivery channels
  • Capital strategy, structuring and fund raising
  • Business planning; transformation planning
  • Transformation gap analysis
  • Risk management, internal audit and control
  • New product development and roll-out, including nonfinancial services such as financial education or entrepreneurial development
  • Credit policies and processes, including credit scoring
  • Information technology
  • Full-spectrum implementation and change management, including staff training
  • Formulation of national strategies for financial inclusion


Microfinance institutions fill a critical need for many low-income populations, but lending to micro and small enterprises is a challenging business. Helping MFIs improve their capabilities and their reach ultimately benefits their MSME and low income customers.