Green Growth & Green Finance


Sector institutions, business- and community-based sector organisations promoting economic growth in environmentally sustainable ways.

Financial institutions interested in starting or expanding business lines focused on financing environmentally beneficial projects such as sustainable value chains, clean energy, or waste management.

Businesses wanting to green their operations.

Multilateral organisations, donors, and national governments wanting to develop interventions that contribute to climate change mitigation or adaptation.


Growth strategies and business support programmes based upon expertise in sustainable agriculture, clean energy and green waste management.

Market entry strategy, internal readiness assessment, blend of project finance expertise with deep understanding of clean energy technology.

Access to capital sources to fund significant growth and expansion.

Environmental and social performance management systems to monitor progress in achieving business, environmental and social objectives.


Strategies and services based upon in-house expertise in environmental sustainability, agriculture, alternative energy, and financial services:

  • Analyses of local markets, sectors, needs, risks, and value chains
  • Strategy and business model development
  • Capital strategy and structuring; fund raising and fund management
  • Programme design and roll out
  • Financial product design and implementation
  • Marketing planning and tools
  • Risk management and credit policies and processes
  • Toolkits and training
  • Environmental and social performance management systems
  • Full-spectrum implementation
  • Monitoring and evaluation


Alleviating poverty requires economic growth which in turn consumes energy and generates waste; agricultural practices can benefit or harm the environment. Green growth is the path of increasing economic prosperity in ways that minimize environmental impact and can be sustained for generations.