Female Economy & Youth Inclusion


Financial institutions, companies, and social enterprises interested in expanding their customer base by providing services meeting the needs of women or youth.

Organisations seeking to increase the number and success of women-led businesses, or to support young adults in starting up and growing their businesses.

Organisations seeking to develop gender-sensitive strategies for inclusive finance programs and projects.


Larger and more diversified customer base due to women and youth responding to customised financial services designed to meet their unique needs.

Stronger women-led businesses with higher success rates as a result of tailored financial products and entrepreneurial development programs designed to enhance their business skills and support them in overcoming financial or cultural barriers.

Strategies and programs to promote opportunities for female talent within the client’s workforce to reach their potential and contribute more fully to the organisation.


Tailored financial inclusion and entrepreneurship services that are grounded in an understanding of the financial, cultural and social challenges faced by women:

  • Market assessments, segmentation and positioning strategies
  • Marketing and outreach strategy
  • Product and program design and implementation
  • Entrepreneurial development training, including financial education, business planning, coaching, and networking
  • Staff training, including training of trainers, and coaching


Investing in women has been proven to strengthen local economies as women invest more of their income in their families and communities. It is also correlated with reducing illiteracy and infant mortality rates.