Clean Energy & Finance


Financial institutions interested in initiating or expanding a clean energy lending business.

Government or multilateral funders seeking to develop or evaluate clean energy and climate change mitigation and adaptation finance programmes.

Companies seeking to better position themselves in clean energy and enhance their attractiveness to clients and private investors.

Potential consortium members seeking partners with expertise in clean energy.


Financial institutions increase their earnings by providing well-designed financial services valued by clients.

Funders deploy resources more effectively based upon evaluations that measure whether programme outcomes align with their objectives, or more effective programme, design, market research or other inputs.

Companies attract more clients through new channels and improved offerings based on greater knowledge and new partnerships.


Services combine expertise in clean energy technology and clean energy finance, including:

  • Market research and feasibility studies
  • Strategy and business model development
  • Programme design and roll out
  • Financial product design and implementation
  • Training of staff and entrepreneurs
  • Fund raising and fund management
  • Programme strategy reviews and evaluations
  • Environmental and social performance management systems


Energy is often in short supply in emerging markets and is imperative to economic development, affecting livelihoods, access to water, agricultural productivity, health, population levels, education, and gender-related issues. None of the Millennium Development Goals can be met without major improvement in the quality and quantity of energy services in developing countries. Clean energy sustainably meets the needs of industries and individuals while reducing greenhouse gases and other pollutants.