Agriculture Value Chains & Finance


NGOs and government ministries striving to strengthen local agricultural economies in financially and/or environmentally sustainable ways.

Financial institutions looking to increase profitability and support the local economy by providing financial services in rural areas including the agriculture sector, or seeking to improve the profitability of their existing agriculture portfolio.


Competitive and sustainable companies along the agriculture value chain that have better access to markets, financing and business development services.

Increased revenue for financial institutions resulting from a sustainable and scalable agriculture financing strategy and improved loan portfolio performance.

Skills, models and toolkits to continue developing agribusiness and finance profitably and sustainably into the future.


Strategies, products and programmes built upon expertise in agriculture value chains and agriculture finance including:

  • Analyses of local markets, sectors, needs, risks, and value chains
  • Legal and regulatory assessments
  • Capital strategy, structuring and fund raising
  • Programme and institutional assessments
  • Strategy development for sectors, institutions
  • Programme and product design and roll out, including outgrower, input finance and other ag finance products
  • Fund structuring
  • Marketing planning and tools
  • Alternative delivery channels, branchless banking
  • Risk, asset and liability management policies and tools
  • Credit policies and processes
  • Toolkits and training (agrifinance and VC finance)
  • Financial education programmes
  • Rural advisory services, extension services
  • Environmental and social performance management systems
  • Full-spectrum implementation, including programme management, coaching, mentoring and building local networks
  • Monitoring and evaluation


Through appropriate programme design, financing mechanisms and capacity building, we equip agribusinesses and other value chain actors with the necessary capital and skills to turn opportunities into reliable and sustainable sources of income for farmers, business owners and their employees.