Private Sector Investment and Matchmaking Facilities

Evaluating the Dutch Programme for Cooperation with Emerging Markets and the Matchmaking Facility




Agentschap NL, an agency within the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, manages both the Program for Cooperation with Emerging Markets (PSOM) and the Matchmaking Facility (MMF).


Examine the effectiveness of the PSOM and MMF programmes in meeting their objectives over a 10 year period. PSOM was created to reduce poverty by stimulating sustainable investments in innovative businesses. MMF's purpose is to forge partnerships between companies as a preparatory step to submitting PSOM proposals.



Independent reviews to assess the programmes’ effectiveness and recommendations to strengthen them.

Recommended improvements in programme monitoring to ensure that PSOM meets its objectives.

Recommended program improvements to increase efficiencies and achieve wider outreach.


Conducted an organisational assessment of Agentchap NL which included staff interviews and desk research.

As part of the PSOM evaluation, examined 60 completed projects and 25 projects that were stopped midway, and conducted field research on 32 projects; total value of the reviewed portfolio was in excess of EUR 400 million.

Analysed the Matchmaking Facility programme’s databases and 11 completed project files.

Evaluated the PSOM programme’s effectiveness in generating jobs and follow-up investments post the project completion.


Enclude has evaluated over 100 projects and programmes in its history, including five for the Dutch government in the last five years. These five projects represent more than USD 1 billion in project expenditures.