Pathway for traditional FSPs growth with digital financial services

Enclude was engaged by CGAP to support RCPB in its exploration of digital finance solutions in Burkina Faso




Réseau des Caisses Populaires du Burkina (RCPB) is the largest MFI in Burkina Faso, with over 70% of market share.


RCPB operates in a competitive environment with products and services affected by the rapid developments of new technologies. Despite several attempts, RCPB does not yet offer digital finance solution to its clients/members. In this context, RCPB wants to study the opportunity and feasibility to introduce a branchless banking solution in its operations.



RCPB explored the different branchless banking strategic options available to them.

RCPB selected to develop an agent network in order to enable transactions outside the branch, and thus enhance convenience for its clients, as well as mobilize more savings.

Based on projections, the model adpoted should result in attracting over 800K additional clients.


The deployment of the agent network, especially in remote areas in Burkina Faso, has the potential to bring currently financially excluded populations in the formal financial sector.

Enhanced financial inclusion for rural customers of RCPB will contribute to improving the living conditions of those populations, as better and closer access will help reduce real and opportunity costs of financial services.


Conducted an institutional diagnostic at RCPB to determine its readiness for branchless banking.

Researched the market, through desk review, stakeholder interviews, and focus group discussions.

Presented all the strategic options available to the RCPB, including partnership with MNO to provide mobile money services options as well as independent options.

Based on RCPB’s preference, developed an agent network strategy for RCPB.

Using lessons learned from the engagement with RCPB, wrote a guide for other MFIs in the WAEMU interested in exploring branchless banking options.


In developing an agent network strategy, developing the value proposition for the agents themselves is equally as important as developing one for the customers to the success of this endeavor.


Burkina Faso


The Branchless Banking Strategy will guide RCPB in its efforts to provide digital financial services to its clients. The strategy developed with the support of Enclude aligns with the aspirations of our institution and the recommendations for its implementation were integrated in our 2017-2020 business plan as a priority component. This is an important step to help us face the ever stronger competition in Burkina Faso’s financial sector. We thank CGAP for allowing the realization of this study through its technical and financial support.

Marie Pascaline Diasso, Director of Operations, Réseau des Caisses Populaires du Burkina (RCPB)