Mainstreaming Energy Efficiency through Business Innovation Support

Creating market-based solutions to provide clean energy and water to Vietnamese SMEs




The EU SWITCH-Asia Programme promotes sustainable consumption and production (SCP) across the Asia region. It works with both producers and consumers as well as policy-makers to formulate and implement SCP-related policies.


MEET-BIS was established to increase the adoption of clean energy and water technologies within the rapidly developing Vietnamese SME market. Its primary clients were suppliers of energy and water savings products who wanted to increase their sales.



Improved market penetration and created new demand for clean energy products within the hospitality and garment manufacturing sectors, two of the fastest-growing and vibrant segments of the Vietnamese economy.

Created new distribution networks to efficiently and cost-effectively reach Vietnamese SMEs.


Awareness-raising campaigns touched 3,852 SMEs, of which 423 invested in clean technology. EUR 2.43 million of energy and water saving products were purchased between 2011-2013.

CO2 emissions have been reduced by an estimated 9,842,559 kgCO2e between January 2011 and end of June 2013.

The energy and water saving products purchased during the project are reducing annual emissions by an estimated 9,788,636 kgCO2e.


Conducted a market scan of the clean technology sector to obtain insights into the trends on the supply and demand side.

Translated efficiency products into “Business Innovation Packages” that added value to SME clients (i.e. cost savings) and helped partner companies prepare for product launch.

Strengthened technical sales skills among partner company staff, and assisted partners in piloting innovative business models.

Implemented energy and water efficiency awareness campaigns, connecting SMEs in the hotel, garment and food processing sectors to clean technology suppliers.

Supported the development of a dealer and distributor network that targets SMEs.


One of the keys to increasing adoption of clean energy products is to ensure that they are commercially viable for both buyers and sellers. By working with partner companies to expand their product offerings, develop marketing materials, train staff and create new, cheaper distribution networks, the Enclude team demonstrated the business case for clean energy technology to Vietnamese SMEs and the vendors themselves.