Kifiya Financial Technology PLC

Strategy road map to implement a convenient and affordable transaction platform for all Ethiopians




Kifiya is a service provider leveraging technology to enable financial and nonfinancial transactions in Ethiopia through digital services.


Review, design and build a road map that integrates Kifiya's pilot business lines to ensure a successful national rollout and sustainable business.



Currently implementing a refined business strategy and launch plan resulting from a deeper understanding of external business opportunities and internal interdependencies and integration points.

Selected a network effect strategy to build the agent network which will improve operational efficiencies and profitability.

Successfully secured major public-private partnership funding for strategy implementation from the Netherlands Foreign Ministry.


Once deployed, the company anticipates that the digital platform will reach over six million people, mostly low income and rural Ethiopians, in the next four years.


Prepared a detailed assessment of three projects based on both the Ethiopian market and Kifiya’s internal capabilities. The internal analysis included reviewing relevant financial information and other documentation, and speaking with management, customers and external stakeholders.

Conducted a strategy workshop for senior management, including education on alternative delivery channel business models and facilitating discussion on strategic options for the business.

Synthesised the information collected and made detailed strategic recommendations.

Conducted a focused market research exercise to understand the financial behaviour of Kifiya’s target market.

Developed a financial modelling tool by which the company could input assumptions to prepare projections.


Positioning a company for success in a nascent industry, where few proven indicators exist and where the market infrastructure is not quite enabling, requires a clear identification of business opportunities and a phased approach to rollout. In order to determine the most appropriate strategy, careful consideration of the market, internal capabilities, a shared understanding of the vision, and careful positioning around a core business is required.