Impuls Leasing Romania

Exceeding expectations for equipment leasing to SMEs in Romania




Impuls Leasing Romania is a subsidiary of Swiss-based Impuls Leasing International AG that leases vehicles and trucks to individuals and small and medium enterprises (SMEs).


Expand substantially its rural and SME leasing activities in accordance with the EBRD SME Finance Facility's goals.



By the end of the engagement, Impuls Leasing had:

  • Built an outstanding loan portfolio of 50.2 million EUR of leases to 3,101 SMEs and rural businesses, exceeding the target by more than 25%
  • Facilitated 18 million EUR in equipment leases, exceeding the EBRD goal by more than 30%
  • Trained 86 lease officers in lease assessment, sales, and marketing, exceeding the target by 43%
  • Grown from seventh largest leasing company in Romania to the second largest


More than 3,100 SMEs and rural businesses now have access to equipment necessary to grow their businesses.

SMEs and rural clients now have access to a new “50/50” leasing product, which takes into account the seasonality of their businesses. This product allows clients to pay 50% down and the other 50% in the fourteenth through nineteenth months,  after the second harvest or production cycle.

Trained lease officers now have the sales skills and incentives to reach out to customers in rural areas to offer leasing services.


Conducted an assessment of Impuls Leasing Romania to evaluate its policies, management and staff capacity, marketing and sales strategy, and ability to comply with the terms of the loan agreement with EBRD.

Designed the Rural Lease and “50/50” products, including market research, product development, financial analysis, marketing, and implementation assistance.

Created tools for the Sales and Risk Departments to verify client eligibility and assess risk.

Trained Impuls Leasing Romania’s sales force, building sales skills tailored for SME and rural customers.

Designed a simple-to-administer incentive system that generated a higher volume of qualified applicants.


Leasing is a powerful tool for supporting small businesses since it can provide an affordable way for small business to acquire the equipment they need to run their businesses. But the leasing terms must meet the small businesses’ needs and realities to achieve significant market penetration. Because EBRD’s SME Finance Facility was targeting rural areas, Enclude’s market research found that potential lessees’ ability to pay was greatly affected by the agricultural production cycle. Consequently, we recommended an equipment leasing product with an unusual repayment schedule that has been well-received by the market.

Projects such as this one create opportunities to strengthen the client’s whole organisation. As we developed the marketing plan for these products, the client recognised the opportunity to build a program to increase Impuls Leasing’s overall visibility and lay the foundation for a greater presence in the market on an ongoing basis. Similarly, Impuls Leasing found that the training program originally designed for the sales team so beneficial that they asked us to expand the curriculum and train almost everyone in the organisation. These investments in capacity building not only made the project very successful, but contributed to Impuls Leasing’s increase in market share from seventh to second largest in Romania.