Elimu ya Ujasiriamali VETA (EUVETA)

Addressing Tanzania's unemployment rate through entrepreneurship training


2006-09 (Phase I) and 2010-14 (Phase II)


The Morogoro Vocational Teachers Training College (MVTTC) is a government institution overseen by the Vocational Education and Training Authority (VETA). It is the only college in Tanzania mandated to train vocational teachers at the certificate and diploma levels.


Develop and pilot a new entrepreneurship curriculum in seven vocational training centres (Phase I), and then replicate the successful results to 120 other vocational training centres across the country.



A complete two year (120 hours) entrepreneurship curriculum is now available to MVTTC after being tested and revised with their input.

360 teachers are skilled in entrepreneurship training and 50 more are certified master trainers.

14,400 students from 120 vocational training centres are trained in entrepreneurial skills.


Students are better prepared for the labour market, either as employees or to set up their own businesses. In the 2013 Tracer Study, 95% of the 60 employers of graduates stated that program graduates were “good” to “excellent” employees. In addition, the study found that 64% of the self-employed graduates proactively chose self-employment for its benefits.

Teachers trained to deliver entrepreneurship training have not only acquired new subject matter expertise but also learned to be more creative and entrepreneurial themselves.

Managers within MVTTC and the regional vocational service and training centres across the country are more aware of the importance of entrepreneurship.


Developed a two year entrepreneurship training curriculum.

Trained master trainers and supervised their training of other trainers.

Organised study trips for MVTTC’s senior staff to experience similar programs in India and the Netherlands.

Organised and supervised a nationwide tracer study to document the long-term results of the entrepreneurial training.

For more information, read theĀ Euveta II Newsletter Nr 5 Feb 2014 (1) (1)


This is the fourth large, long-term entrepreneurship project Enclude has implemented with Nuffic funding (others were in Indonesia, Rwanda and Zambia.) As a result, we have a strong track record in designing entrepreneurship curricula for local situations and clients’ specific requirements. We also have formed partnerships with other entrepreneurship experts such as the International Training Centre-International Labour Organisation, CINOP, and Maastricht School of Management and established a cadre of experienced consultants who work with us. Consequently, other clients such as the World Bank, SPARK/Dutch government and SNV-Ethiopia are engaging us for similar assignments.