Atlantic Bank, Ltd.

Strengthening SME finance




Atlantic Bank is the third largest commercial bank in Belize. Its historic focus has been serving individuals, small businesses and corporations. In 2011 it decided to jump start its SME operations by increasing the term and outreach of its short-term loans.


Design a strategy to serve small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and build the internal capacity to serve them effectively and profitably.



Based on a market analysis and segmentation exercise, the bank now has a specific definition of the SMEs it is targeting and an acquisition strategy to reach them.

The bank now has an enhanced loan origination process designed specifically for SME customers. It includes screening procedures, scorecard and risk rating system, loan approval and monitoring procedures, and a new loan memorandum. Overall the implementation of these improvements has yielded a 13% growth in the value of the loan portfolio between 2012-2013.

40+ staff are being trained and coached in international best practices in small business finance.


The bank is in the process of providing expanded access to SME customers for a range of products that were previously unavailable. Both the training and streamlined processes have resulted in an improved customer experience for the clients.


Mapped current processes and developed new processes tailored for the SME market.

Defined the target customer segment and developed a client acquisition strategy.

Designed a risk rating system, expert scorecard, screening form, and the monitoring/collections policy.

Developed and delivered training to bank staff.


For Atlantic Bank, Enclude developed risk rating, risk based pricing and monitoring tools to use with the SME expert scorecard. Combined, they have significantly strengthened portfolio management, created transparency and clarity in the setting of interest rates and provide tools to actively monitor loans so problems can be identified before a late payment occurs.



The consultancy was very opportune for Atlantic Bank Ltd. to assist us in analysing where we were and how to reach our financial goals. It was indeed very instrumental in setting the process in understanding the underserved segment.