Agence du Partenariat pour le Progrès

Supporting the growth of 600 micro and small enterprises in Morocco




Agence de Partenariat pour le Progrès (APP) is a Moroccan public institution created to implement the the “Millennium Challenge Compact.”


Support the further development of 600 micro and small enterprises that had started up in the last three years by providing tailored training and mentoring as well as networking opportunities.



Enterprises participating in the program had a somewhat greater survival rate than typically found among micro and small enterprises in Morocco, according to an independent impact assessment.

A number of enterprises achieved significant improvement in their performance, including accessing new markets and increasing turnover.

Over 100 local business consultants were trained and are now available to continue delivering business development services to local entrepreneurs.


Owners of 400 small and micro-enterprises benefited from the training as well as 200 rural cooperatives and farmer’s groups. The training covered core business skills such as sales, marketing, and financial management.

Follow-up support to these entrepreneurs focused on specific issues each of them was facing in order to consolidate and grow their business, accomplished through individual counselling and group coaching.

The narrative of entrepreneurship as an alternative to wage employment was reinforced through forums, network events and positive media coverage.


Performed an assessment of training and other support needs of participating micro and small enterprises, on which individual action plans were drawn up

Developed training material and trained 100 local experts in using this material

Provided training, individual counselling and group coaching to participating entrepreneurs

Organised several enterprise exchange forums, exhibition fairs and networking events

Managed and coordinated the efforts of more than 100 local consultants


For this engagement, Enclude developed new training materials tailored for Moroccan entrepreneurs and honed its counselling and coaching methodologies to be effective in the local market. It also created new ways of working effectively with local partners.