Selected Engagements

East Asia & Pacific

Acleda Bank Plc., A Minority Equity Sale

Sell-side advisor in sale of 6% stake of Cambodia’s largest microfinance institution and leading bank

Amret, A Responsible Exit

Sell-side advisor in sale of combined 36% stake of one of Cambodia’s largest dedicated MFIs

Mainstreaming Energy Efficiency through Business Innovation Support

Creating market-based solutions to provide clean energy and water to Vietnamese SMEs

PNG Microfinance Limited

Improving performance and expanding MSME lending in Papua New Guinea

Sathapana, Ltd.

Sell-side advisory in the sale of 95.1% stake of Cambodia’s third largest microfinance institution

XacBank, Mongolia

Responsible shareholder exits for Bamboo Finance and Triodos Investment Management


Europe & Central Asia

Domenia Credit

Creating Romania’s first dedicated mortgage finance company

Ethnic minority entrepreneurship

Promoting entrepreneurship among ethnic minority immigrants in Europe

Impuls Leasing Romania

Exceeding expectations for equipment leasing to SMEs in Romania

Kazakhstan Second Agricultural Post-Privatisation Project

Strengthening business skills and resource networks for 18,000 farmers

MSME lending in Romania

Building a small business banking culture at traditional commercial banks

Programme Design Appraisal

Evaluating the design of a potato and dairy value chain development programme in Georgia

TBC Kredit

Building a sustainable business to provide financial services to the un(der)served



Capital Mobilisation Strategy for Clean Cookstove Industry

Developing an investment pitch for the clean cooking sector

Centre for the Promotion of Imports from Developing Countries

Promoting exports using a value chain approach

Clean Energy Toolkit

Responding to clean energy market opportunities: practical tools for financial institutions


Social performance measurement systems for microfinance institutions

E-Toolkit for Environmental and Social Risk Management

Increasing MFIs’ ability to manage social and environmental risks

Green Performance Agenda Toolkit for HIVOS

Helping MFIs address environmental risks and explore “green” market opportunities

Local Market Development Programme

Evaluating the Interchurch Organisation for Development Cooperation’s Local Market Development programme

MicroBuild Fund

Accelerating the global expansion of housing microfinance

Private Sector Investment and Matchmaking Facilities

Evaluating the Dutch Programme for Cooperation with Emerging Markets and the Matchmaking Facility

Sustainability | Finance | Real Economies (SFRE) Fund

Enclude-structured, open-ended investment vehicle with first close of over $40 Million

Virtual business incubation

Best practices in virtual business incubation services


Latin America & Caribbean

Atlantic Bank, Ltd.

Strengthening SME finance

Housing Finance for Cajas (Savings and Loans Credit Unions)

Creating affordable housing finance in Mexico

Private Central American Bank

Improving profitability within a bank’s SME unit


Transforming the lives of the poorest in Central America by combining financial services with financial education

Variable Payment Obligation (VPO) Program

Increasing access to credit and business development services for women entrepreneurs in Nicaragua


Middle East & North Africa

Agence du Partenariat pour le Progrès

Supporting the growth of 600 micro and small enterprises in Morocco

MEDA Education and Training for Employment (MEDA-ETE)

Sharing best practices leads to new approaches in entrepreneurship development in the MENA region

Mobile Financial Services in Jordan

Promoting financial inclusion via mobile financial services in Jordan

USAID Iraq Tijara Project

Developing MSME capabilities in the Iraqi banking industry


South Asia

Advancing Microfinance for Post-disaster Economic Reconstruction (AMPER)

Innovations in microfinance in response to emergency needs in Pakistan


Accelerating bank-led mobile financial services at scale: 5 million customers and 50,000 agents within 2 years

BRAC institutional assessments

Assessing operational performance in three important international markets outside Bangladesh

First MicroFinance Bank, Afghanistan

Expanding access to affordable housing in Afghanistan

Khushhali Bank Limited – Investor Consortium

Institution strengthening through new investors with strategic experience and expertise

SouthAsia Enterprise Development Facility (SEDF)

Assessing the impacts of an IFC programme in Sri Lanka and the Maldives

South Asia Micro-Savings Initiative (SAMI)

Savings at scale: over 660,000 new accounts opened through mobile payment platforms, branchless banking, and transformation strategies

 Widening Harmonised Access to Microfinance (WHAM)

From charity to client-focus: shifting Pakistan’s microfinance industry’s perspective on low-income households


Sub-Saharan Africa

Agricultural Lending Toolkit

Expanding access to agricultural finance in Africa

BRAC Africa Loan Fund and International Loan Facility

Raising aligned capital to extend microfinance in Africa and elsewhere

BRAC institutional assessments

Assessing operational performance in three important international markets outside Bangladesh

Business development services fund management

Strengthening 70 Ghanian BDS providers and 66 MSMEs through a market-driven BDS development fund

Elimu ya Ujasiriamali VETA (EUVETA)

Addressing Tanzania’s unemployment rate through entrepreneurship training

Ethiopian MSE Credit Guarantee Facility

Redesign of the Regional Government MSE credit guarantee facility into a National Enterprise Support Trust for Micro and Small Enterprises (MSEs) nation-wide

Kifiya Financial Technology PLC

Strategy road map to implement a convenient and affordable transaction platform for all Ethiopians

Mobile Financial Services in East Africa

Assessing cross-border mobile transactions in Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania and Burundi

Pathway for traditional FSPs growth with digital financial services

Enclude was engaged by CGAP to support RCPB in its exploration of digital finance solutions in Burkina Faso

Rwanda Technology and Business Incubation Facility

Kigali Institute builds a supportive business environment for start-up entrepreneurs

South Africa Financial Sector Program

Expanding financial services to 3,000 South African SMEs

Sustainable Energy Market Acceleration (SEMA)

Accelerating the sustainable energy market in Africa through partnerships

Technical Assistance Facility in Support of AFD’s Green Credit Line to South African Banks

Accelerating financing of renewable energy and energy efficiency projects in South Africa


North America