Posted on September 01, 2013

Enclude, doing business as Triodos Facet, was one of five organizations participating in Mainstreaming Energy Efficiency through Business Innovation Support (MEET-BIS).  The goal is to increase the efficient use of energy and water among small and medium enterprises in Vietnam.  Read the project report: MEET-BIS Vietnam white paper.

From the report’s introduction:

MEET-BIS Vietnam acts as a catalyst for eco-entrepreneurship and business promotion. To enhance the efficient use of energy and water, it brings together suppliers, technologies and customers. By targeting complete supply chains, the project aims to provide commercial solutions for a wider introduction of clean technology in small to medium-sized enterprises in Vietnam.

It works both ways: suppliers create new business opportunities, and their customers not only enjoy the competitive advantage of ‘going green’, but also lower energy and water bills.

This is the story in a nutshell. Obviously, the wider story contains both pitfalls and victories. This document reveals the most important ones, not only to prevent future ventures from replicating futile steps, but also to disseminate the vital elements for success.

MEET-BIS Vietnam is funded by the European Commission as part of its SWITCH-Asia Program that promotes sustainable production and consumption in Asia.  The project started in 2009 and ran until the end of 2013, focusing mainly on urban North Vietnam and specifically Hanoi. It is implemented by ETC Foundation, TriodosFacet (AdaPPPt) and Aidenvironment in the Netherlands, and Research Center for Energy and Environment (RCEE) and Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industries (VCCIIBCI) in Vietnam.

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