Capacity Solutions

Enclude’s Capacity Solutions business increases financial institutions and public and private sector organisations’ profitability and effectiveness so they can better meet the needs of un(der)served entrepreneurs and households.  We offer a range of consulting services to help clients identify, leverage and finance opportunities for enhanced growth, profitability and sustainability. Our holistic and strategic approach reflects the best thinking from our interdisciplinary teams, whose on-the-ground knowledge, experience and dedication to building a more inclusive financial system enable them to craft and implement targeted, demand-driven strategies that respond to the needs of people, fulfill business goals and deliver measurable results. capacity2

Environmental & Social Performance

Financial institutions interested in improving their environmental and social performance will benefit from Enclude’s Environmental and Social Management services, which help clients transform sustainability and social goals into economic growth and profitability. We also assist development finance institutions and government agencies that are seeking to create and/or evaluate the impact of their social and environmental programmes by creating tailored impact measurement tools for ongoing use.

Inclusive Finance

It takes a diverse and accessible financial sector to support a sustainable economy. We provide financial institutions with tools to grow their bottom-line profitability and market share by strengthening their operations and identifying new opportunities in:

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Channels & Linkages

Access to finance, information, and services is a critical first step toward expanding prosperity, especially among low- and moderate-income households and small businesses. We help banks, mobile network operators and payment service providers identify and profit from new opportunities in branchless banking and other alternative delivery channels.  We identify  appropriate technologies that increase their revenues, expand their footprint and extend their product offerings to reach underserved and unbanked populations:

  • Branchless banking
  • Mobile money
  • Data analytics
  • Marketing & market research
  • Technology integration
  • Strategy & design
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Sustainable Business Practices

Entrepreneurship is the tide that lifts all boats. We work with NGOs, funders, government agencies and other institutions to support entrepreneurs and generate enterprise growth through:

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