Jose E Mantilla


  • Business strategy and planning
  • Capital structuring/strategy
  • Financial policy and regulations
  • Small business banking/SME/MSME lending


I started my work life going through the management training program at a European bank, and later developed products for a rapidly expanding bank in a developing economy. Both experiences allowed me to thoroughly learn banking, good processes and practices, and how to adapt to achieve transformation with limited resources.

I was later privileged to work with excellent consultants and brilliant counterparts in setting policy and bringing fundamental change to the markets at the Central Bank of Ecuador and the Ministry of Finance. A maxim of success says that you should always surround yourself with people smarter than you. All the many and woman that I worked with at this critical juncture allowed me to live up to that maxim. The learning and opportunities that came from those experiences changed me, as did the continued policy work in countless other countries.

In addition to work as a lender and then regulator, I had the opportunity to start three business in Ecuador and one in the US. I also worked with a significant number of businesses focusing on strategy, business planning and financing. All these experiences gave me the unique perspective of having worked in multiple markets from the three sides of finance: as a borrower, as a lender, and as a regulator, and in various markets.


Managua, Nicaragua


Ecuador, Brazil, USA, Cape Verde, Nicaragua, Angola, Kenya, Armenia, Honduras


English, Spanish, Portuguese


Master of Business Administration (MBA), International Finance – Management, Thunderbird School of Global Management
Glendale Arizona

Bachelor of Science, Economics
Franciscan University of Steubenville- Steubenville, Ohio


Every assignment is a great learning opportunity. Every person, event, project, and country has something very valuable to teach. For me this career is a constant opportunity to learn, to listen, and to share. Understanding our customers and the “why’s” around what they do, then being able to share others’ experiences and my own, is what makes this work so rewarding.

By transferring experiences we empower and educate. Education and empowerment lead to development, both to the person and his/her organization. Development is only sustainable if the local practitioner can access the experiences of others, understand his/her own needs, and then choose what makes most sense for him/her, and his/her stage.


Name: Jose E Mantilla
Title: Senior Consultant, Inclusive Finance