The principles that inform our work and worldview

Putting people first
Human needs are at the heart of what we do. We work with clients and partners to build economic resiliency, foster entrepreneurial opportunity and protect environmental resources so that individuals and their communities are empowered to participate more meaningfully in the promise of prosperity.

We are as committed to generating a positive return for our clients as we are to “encluding” those who are un(der)served by the global economy.

Business as unusual
Today’s economic and social challenges can’t be solved with “old think” and traditional practices. Building on our extensive experience and track record of success, we bring a fresh perspective to disrupt the status quo with innovative, high-value solutions that deliver measurable results.

Client focus
We start by listening. Only then can we see beyond a client’s immediate concerns to the bigger picture and craft the strategies that generate the desired business results and social outcomes.

Responsive solutions
We combine high-level thinking with on-the-ground realities, resources and capabilities, working with clients to build practical, demand-driven solutions that respond to specific needs, markets and goals and endure long after the engagement ends.

Trust and transparency
The world is too complex for any one institution to go it alone. We cultivate long-term relationships with clients, partners and funders whose missions align with ours and support them with integrity, professionalism and a spirit of collaboration.

We lead by example. We value diversity, equity, interdependence and independent thinking. We treat all with respect, are sensitive to the cultural traditions of our clients and partners, and are a positive community partner wherever we are present.  We are not afraid of being in front, with our clients and partners, with ideas and business models that have yet to be generally accepted.

– – – – –

Underpinning it all, Enclude is committed to principled prosperity. We strive to improve the livelihoods of all in ways that over the long-term are equitable, effective, and preserve the earth’s resources as opposed to short-term gains that require unacceptable trade-offs between economic, social and environmental objectives.