Environment and Social Performance Management

Enclude’s Environmental and Social Performance Management Services (E&S) bring greater transparency and actionable information to clients seeking to transform sustainability and social goals into economic growth and profitability. We work with financial institutions, government agencies and investors, providing strategies, tools and training that strengthen social and environmental performance, evaluate programme impact or identify/refine performance indicators.

We help clients capture data and monitor outcomes in three specific areas – business, environmental and social – that can support:

  • Better management of social and environmental risks, leading to stronger, more profitable institutions.
  • Sustainable, high-impact programmes, promoting affordable housing, access to finance, clean energy, entrepreneurship and other demand-driven services.
  • Economic resiliency of local communities, providing greater financial inclusion and participation in the economy by traditionally und(der)served or excluded groups.
  • Effective communication and stakeholder engagement strategies on environmental and social performance.

How it works
Our disciplined approach offers diagnostic assessments, guidance, implementation, training and coaching to assist clients in developing corporate strategy, managing risk, designing new products, and communicating to key stakeholders.

Practical guidance
A new tool produced and designed by Enclude’s team of E&S specialists is already available for financial institutions interested in improving their environmental and social performance. The Green Performance Agenda (GPA) Guide helps users understand the basics of environmental management and develop their green performance agenda. The GPA includes a self-assessment to compare current environmental performance with potential future performance based on different external factors such as stakeholders, investors, policy framework, or client base. It also offers practical tools that can be used to improve environmental performance.

A second online guide developed by Enclude’s  E&S specialists is available on FMO’s website. This Sustainability E-tool supports microfinance institutions who want to reduce the environmental and social risks associated with their portfolios. The guide contains specific notes addressing environmental and social risks in 41 different sectors.

For more information, contact:  
Geert Jan Schuite
Global Group Lead, Outcomes Measurement